Find the LED light beam patterns that best suit your campervan lifestyle

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An Overview of Common Patterns

LED lights are a popular alternative to stock headlights, they offer a wider range of vision and have many tactile uses that normal headlights don’t. While LED lights offer many benefits, it’s important to know which style and pattern of light you’ll need based on the plans you have for your van adventures. It’s important to know your options and what each pattern offers as far as visibility and brightness.

  • Spot – Spot patterns are used for illuminating a smaller area but for a longer distance. You may need spotlights if you plan on taking your van to areas that lack street lamps. Spot style lights will allow you to see further down the road and will provide more safety in areas that aren’t very well lit.
  • Flood – Less bright but are best used to light up a wider area. Flood lights could be useful for lighting up an area at night when parked. Since these light up a shorter distance, they would be best used for completing tasks at night when
  • Fog – Useful in addition with other light patterns. Helps illuminate areas where visibility is minimal
  • Driving –  These lights are SAE and ECE Legal. They operate in replacement of your high beam lights. They are brighter and wider than normal headlights so when off roading or camping you will be able to see better without the luxury of street lights!
  • Scene – Bright, wide area lights. They maximize side to side visibility
  • Combo – Includes the wide area fog lights and the long distance spot light.

Single, Pairs, or Light Bars: Which is Best?

Everyone’s lighting needs are different and no one style of light source can be the best for all circumstances.

Light bars provide the most light and come in many shapes and sizes.

Smaller light bars are beneficial because they are street legal and can be used as a replacement to high beam headlights. They provide clearer vision in areas where there is little to no light.

While larger lights cannot be turned on while driving on state roads, they are useful for offroading and getting to camping sites where there are no street lights. In addition to illuminating backroads while driving, they are great for lighting up a campsite. Because of their size and ability to cast light throughout a wide area, they provide the maximum amount of light that will provide light for working and setting up a campsite.

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