The leading van builder in the Southeast

FreedomVanGo is the leading van builder in the Southeast, conveniently located in Jacksonville, FL. We’re also a Victron Energy Ambassador and electric specialist.  We have the experience you need to build your van right for the lowest cost possible and we have the right team to give you the attention you deserve. Explore our services below to learn more.

Build Services

We Can Build Your Next Adventure Van

Get on the road with confidence in your next campervan. FreedomVanGo specializes in getting our customers where they want to go, whether that means a full build out, semi-custom interior work, or exterior upgrades. We offer packages that serve as a great starting point for builds, van build services that are specific to customer needs, and DIY assistance

You are an adventurer. We’ll be your van builder.

Van Build Packages

Don't know where to start?

You know you want an adventure van, but aren’t sure where to begin your build. That’s ok! We’ve curated a variety of build packages that include some of our favorite products that will upgrade the look and functionality of your van.

Choose from interior and exterior upgrades, mix and match packages, customize the build, or keep with the base package. These were designed to go well with other upgrades or stand on their own! 

Get inspired for your new van build!

DIY Paradise

Everything for the DIY Van Lifer!


Building a van on your own is an epic feat, but some steps of the build process can seem overwhelming without expertise and proper equipment. Bring your DIY van build to us and we can help you out with the projects you don’t want to tackle yourself. From electrical help, cutting holes in your van, or installing larger parts; we got you covered!

We also have everything the DIY van builder might need in store and online. Get your gear from us, everything we sell we use ourselves and stand by each product.

Want to install it but need some direction? We have a variety of tutorial videos to help every level van builder.

One stop shop for the DIY van builder

Ready to roll? Let us help you get on the road!

Our team is available to help you choose the best solution for your next van build project. Schedule a call with one of our builders.