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Our passion is building sweet Adventure Vehicles, so we want to help you with yours. Some steps of the build process can be a little daunting like cutting holes for fans and AC or wiring your own electric system. Whatever installation you don’t feel comfortable doing yourself, bring it to the experts!

You do the things you want to do, we’ll do the rest.

Electrical Help 

We pride ourselves on being experts in all things electric! We specialize in Victron Energy systems and Goal Zero Integration. If electrical is something you need help with, bring your van to us and we can hook you up with the system that best fits your needs. If you want to build your own system we provide kits made just for the DIYer.

The Hard Stuff

Do you want an AC? Fans? Windows? Maybe a Rear Storage Box? That’s great, in fact, we highly suggest all of those products! The installation for these can be a bit daunting, cutting holes in your van is no easy task. Let the professionals take over these intimidating projects so you don’t have to worry about messing up your new van.

Big Ticket Items

Some products that take an adventure van to the next level can be difficult to do without the proper equipment. Installation of bumpers, roof racks, suspension, and exterior storage options require equipment that most people don’t have in their garage. Bring your van to us and we can put on larger items that you want on your van!


We have taken our time to carefully curate an online store and showroom that has the best products the van life community has to offer! Our store is a paradise for the DIY builder. You can find everything you might need to make your van adventure ready. The products we have chosen to include have been installed and used by us, so we can vouch for the quality of everything we sell. Shop our online store, or come see us in person! We’re excited to help you find everything you need and want for your DIY projects!

Video Tutorials Made for the DIY Builder

We’ve been building vans and working on adventure vehicles for a long time. We want to share our knowledge with all of you! From the simple installs perfect for the beginner to more complex tasks for the more experienced van lifer. Check out our videos section or youtube page to find helpful tips!

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