Build Your Sprinter Ekko

Bumper Options

There are plenty of ways to beef up the front of your rig! Check out these amazing options from Van Compass and Backwoods Adventure Mods that all provide ample protection, housing for a warn winch & recovery shackles, and look pretty dang good! Choose from these great options depending on your style.

Van Compass Front
Winch Mount

We have personally opted for the freshly designed Van Compass Front Winch Bumper! They have upgraded the look and fitment to be compatible with the new AWD Mercedes Sprinters, which means it will be a great fit for your Sprekko. Option bull bar or no bull bar depending on your style. This option is a great way to keep the lines of your rig without sacrificing a winch and front protection. Add on Warn Winch and some great Baja Design Lights and you’re ready to go!

Backwoods Adventure Mods Scout Bumper

The Backwoods Adventure Mods Scout bumper is an amazing option. If you’re looking for a bumper but want to maintain a minimalistic look this is for you. It has slim and streamlined design that looks amazing and still gives you plenty of front protection while taking on the trails. The is an option for bull bar or no bull bar, totally up to you! Be able to house a Warn Evo 12s winch along with your shackles

Backwoods Adventure Mods Front Bumpers

The classic Backwoods Adventure Mods front bumper will always be a great choice. This is a full frontal replacement and offers that beefy, off-road look for your van. There are options for bull bar of no bull bar, if you opt for the bullbar there is space for a 20″ Pathfinder light bar! Both options include pockets for new fog/driving lights, we typically install Diode Dynamics in these 3″ spaces. As with the rest, be able to house your Warn Winch and shackles!

Suspension Options

Take your Ekko off road! Or don’t! Either way you’ll want an upgraded suspension for your rig. An upgraded suspension will make your road ride smoother and give you the capability to hit the trails when you want to! Check out these amazing options from Van Compass that we love.

The ever popular Rally Strut from Van Compass has in a short amount of time become our favorite suspension addition! Taking inspiration and technology from the WRC Van Compass created a strut that is suitable to take on some of the toughest trails. These provide a phenomenal increase in damping performance, which translates to more stable and predictable handling, greater control across all conditions, and the ability to actually use the suspension to its full potential on and off road.

Give your Ekko the shocks it deserves! The Falcon 3.3 Fast Adjust Rear Shocks are the best way to go. Wether you get them in a suspension kit or just want to upgrade the shock itself, these provide a better ride quality overall fro your rig. Meant specifically for your heavy rig, these shocks come with a simple knob to be able to tune your shock depending on what type of road you’re taking on so your ride quality is perfect for the pavement and the dirt. 

Give your Ekko the shocks it deserves! The Falcon 3.3 Fast Adjust Front Shocks are the best way to go. Wether you get them in a suspension kit or just want to upgrade the shock itself, these provide a better ride quality overall fro your rig. Meant specifically for your heavy rig, these shocks come with a simple knob to be able to tune your shock depending on what type of road you’re taking on so your ride quality is perfect for the pavement and the dirt.  Front kit comes with necessary brackets for easy install.

Van Compass Opti-Rate Leaf Springs

For your Ekko, Opti-Rate Leaf Springs are the way to go! These are top of the line, adjustable leaf springs to fine tune based on your weight and preferred height. These are essential once you add on aftermarket upgrades so your suspension can keep up with the increased weight without sacrificing ride quality.

Van Compass Stage 4.3 Dually Kit

Our go to suspension kit is available for Ekkos!! The Van Compass Stage 4.3 Kit is the ultimate suspension upgrade that completely elevates your road ride and off road ride. Includes Falcon Fast 3.3 Adjust front and rear shocks, Opti-Rate leaf springs and all the needed hardware/ brackets for easy install.

Van Compass Stage 6.3 Dually Kit

The Van Compass Stage 6.3 kit is the 4.3 just lifted! With the added striker 2″ lift, this suspension kit gives you the best ride quality along with some extra ride height whether you’re looking for better clearance off road or just want to ride high! 

Adventure Essentials

Don’t forget about these essential upgrades you need to take your rig from good to great! Skid plates, extended fuel tanks, and wheels and tires are 100% necessary if you plan to take on some epic adventures. 

Skid Plates & Recovery

Keep the underbelly of your rig safe and protected! The last thing you need on your adventure is a cracked diff or a busted fuel tank. Skid plates give you the peace of mind you need when on the road. For your Sprekko we suggest these options from Van Compass: Differential Skid Plate, Engine Skid Plate, Transmission Skid Plate, and (extended) Fuel Tank Skid Plate!

Who wants to worry about filling up when you’re on the adventure of a life time? Not us! S&B’s 45 gallon replacement fuel tank takes away that worry of having to plan your trips around gas stations. Go further for longer with this replacement fuel tank (NOT a fuel tank extension!) Make sure to get the Fuel Tank Skid Plate to keep this beast safe!

Wheels and tires will take your Ekko from cool little RV to epic off-road beast! Not only do they look amazing, but they are crucial for taking on the trails. We suggest the Reika Super Singles which takes away the Dually in the rear. They look amazing and are meant for adventure. Add on tires of your choosing (we personally suggest BFGoodrich KO2’s or Falken Wildpeaks, or Toyo Open Country’s)

Air System Options

It is important to have an on-board air solution! Whether you get a tire leak on the road, new to air down before hitting a trail, or need an easy way to inflate a paddle board before hitting the water, having an air system will save you precious time! Check out all these options below for the most streamlined Ekko air system! Add on accessories like the ARB digital inflator, ARB digital deflator, and the Rhino USA tire repair kit, and you’re ready to roll!

On-board air is the most important start to your air system journey! The ARB twin air compressor is the smallest yet most powerful option on the market! Capable of all off road air needs and for inflating any necessary gear on your adventure!

The van Compass Sprinter air compressor mount is the easiest way to mount your ARB on-board twin air compressor to your Sprinter Ekko! This mounts easily in the engine bay of your Sprekko for easy on-board air that is safely out of the way!

Apex Compact Reel System

The Apex compact reel system has become one of our favorite tools for not just Ekkos, but all rigs! The reel is tiny but mighty, extending 35′ and capable of reaching the furthest point of your van. Hook it up to your compressor for quick and easy access to your air!

Interior Additions

Make the inside of your Ekko as capable as the outside! Inhabit Floor Mats and Van Made Gear shades are essential interior upgrades that will elevate your overall experience and make your life on adventure a little easier. 

Inhabit Floor Mats created a kit specifically for the Sprekko! Available in grey, plaid, and (our favorite) Lagoon. Inhabit mats take the worry out of tracking the outdoors in as they are 100% washable and specifically made to be tough for the off-road life style. 

VanMade Gear Shades

Get rid of those frustrating factory blinds and upgrade to the Van Made Gear window shade set for Sprinter Ekkos! The kit comes with shades for the bedroom, kitchen, dinette, and bathroom! Or you can pick and choose the shades you want. Add on the windshield shade and front door shades for ultimate privacy and insulation. Also from VanMade Gear, just for Ekkos, are the roof vent cover and the Ekko door screen shade!

Scheel-Mann Seats

Replace those front seats with something more comfortable! Scheelman seat are the way to go for your Ekko for a better experience on those long haul road trips. Scheelman comes with multiple options you can add on like seat color, leather or cloth, add a swivel, even add heated seats

Let’s face it, we need all the storage space we can get! While the Ekko offers much more space for your items than a regular van, it never hurts to have an easy place to store smaller items. Check out our universal MOLLE panels that will fit anywhere you need them to! We also create the Ekko MOLLE panel specifically for the space above to small cabinet near the dinette area.

It never hurts to have more air flow! Sirocco fans are small but powerful and will help keep you cool and help air circulate in the rig. We prefer to put these fans in the bedroom area for comfortable sleeping, but feel free to put them wherever makes sense for your Ekko lifestyle!

Arctic Tern Door Window

First things first, remove that extra screen door and replace it with the wayyy easier VanMade Gear Ekko door shade! Once that’s taken care of, it is easy to add on an Arctic Tern window to your Ekko door! These are install only, so please contact us for details.

Sprekko Electrical Upgrades

There are multiple options when it comes to electrical upgrades for your Sprinter Ekko. Check out the different phases and their characteristics. You must complete phase one in order to move on to other upgrades, the first phase gives you the necessary features in order to run the additional power upgrades.  

Phase One

Phase one is the 2nd Battery Upgrade including the Lithionics 2nd Battery and Battery Tie Down.

Phase Two

Phase two is the Power Upgrade including: New breaker, busbar, and faceplate, Victron Energy Smart Shunt 500A/50mVVictron Energy MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 120V, and the FreedomVanGo Sprinter Ekko DC-DC Converter Kit.


Phase Three

Phase three is the Solar Upgrade including: 1000w Solar Upgrade, and the Victron Energy Smart Solar MPPT 100/50.

System Monitoring

The System Monitoring Upgrade includes: the Victron Energy Cerbo GX & Cables and the Victron Energy GX Touch 70.

Timberline Hydronic Heating Conversion

NEW from Timberline is their propane – gas heating conversion upgrade. Instead of needing to worry about propane to run your Ekko’s heater, you can instead hook it up directly to your tank (much like an Espar heater). This takes away the need to monitor your propane tank and also takes away the worry of possibly running out and where to get more from if you’re off grid!

Learn more about it here:

We worked directly with Timberline in our shop to install this conversion on our Transit Ekko. This upgrade is compatible with both the Transit and Sprinter Ekkos.