GOVX Military Discount

To honor our military, we have decided to partner up with GOVX to provide discounts on featured products! Here is everything you need to know abut signing up, using the discount, and other details worth mentioning!

Getting Started!

We’re sure many of you are already set up with a GOVX account. For those who have not yet, click here to sign up directly through the GOVX website. Of note, it may take up to 24 hours for your account to be verified. We urge you to sign up! We aren’t the only ones using the GOVX app, so signing up will give you access to deals from countless other brands as well.

Using Your Discount on Van Parts Warehouse

Eligible Brands and Products

In House Discounts

We will be honoring the same 5% discount for Van Builds! If we are building your van or installing parts on your rig, here is how to make sure you receive the best deals possible:

Let us know you’re military! During our first consults, phone calls, or emails, please tell us that you are military. Preferably give us a heads up before we send any quotes or invoices so we can give you the most accurate pricing possible

Show us proof of your GOVX account. You must be a GOVX member in order to receive discounts on your build products. Just send us a screen shot of your account to verify and we’ll make sure discounts are applied to your build!

Get your discount! We’ll send you your invoice/ estimate with the applied discounts. Reminder: discounts are only applied to the eligible products (see above). The discount is not applied to labor costs or ineligible products.

Final Details

  1. At this time we are only offering discounts for military members, both veterans and active duty. We understand GOVX allows for first responders, educators, and others to sign up but we can currently only offer discounts to military.
  2.  The 5% discount is only applied to the brands listed above and you MUST use the GOVX code in order to receive your discount. If you’re military but are not signed up for GOVX or didn’t use the discount code, you will not receive the discount on your products. The discount is also NOT applicable to past orders, only those going forward.
  3. In house discounts and van build discounts will only be given if the conditions above are met. These discounts will only be given to military members and their spouses so please don’t be tempted to use your friend’s or parent’s GOVX credentials. 
  4. If you have any further questions, please let us know!