Battery System in a Box: A New, Easy, Powerful Way to Power Your Van

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The Most Efficient Battery Source for Your Camper Van

Our new battery system is designed to be a fully functioning drop in lithium battery system with all connectors and wires included that is needed for vehicle integration. You can hook up everything in your van up to this battery system such as fans, lights, heaters, USBs, etc.

To make this system we used a variety of Victon energy products and more.

This battery system gives you the most bang for your buck when it comes to power and energy. Our system is a true 12 volt system, unlike the goal zero7 which is a 10.95 system that can be converted to work as a 12 volt. Although the conversion capability is a helpful feature, the 10.95 cannot hold up against a 12 volt. A 12 volt system is preferred to keep more sensitive products, like refrigerators and heaters, running. If these products were hooked up to a weaker system, the battery will stop performing, even if there is still a majority charge left.

Battery Charging Made Simple

There are three ways to charge the system: Solar power, alternator charging, and short power.

Everything you’ll need is included in this system, just provide your own solar panels. We provide two great options, 100 watt and 160 watt. The 100 watt would work best if you have a more confined space. You can separate the panels to better fit the space and they will work just as effectively. If you have a larger area, the 160 watt would provide the best outcome because the larger panels will provide more energy for your larger vehicle.

Other Perks

  • Victron products can be easily managed through and app on your smartphone via bluetooth
  • The pack is expandable, you can add more components to the system if needed.
  • The system can be disconnected and removed from your van easily to be used like a goal zero power pack.

With our new battery system, van living has never been easier.

This system can adapt easily to any adventure you choose to take! Bring more power to your conversion van appliances and ease your stress about battery life by incorporating our new FreedomVango 100ah Power in a Box! 

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