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Common Camper Van Experiences: A Breakdown

The types of experiences you plan to have with your campervan will determine which products you should include to ensure efficiency and comfort on your adventures! If you plan on spending extended periods of time traveling, camping, and living in your van you may require extra items that will make your van more livable. On the other hand, if you plan on going on shorter, weekend trips certain products won’t be a necessity.

Family Fun and Weekend Trips

If you plan on going on short trips with family or friends, a simple yet comfortable build out might fit your needs best! Here’s a couple ideas for what you can include to get the most out of your van’s space.

  • If you’re traveling consistently with 2 or more people, seating space is essential. Keeping a bench seat is a good way to make sure passengers can ride safely in your camper van while also leaving enough room for a bed and other products.
  • A queen size foam bed is perfect for every level of build out. Including a mattress in your conversion insures that you’ll be comfortable even while roughing it on a camping trip. If you’re adventuring with buddies, considering a bed that can pull out or including a second mattress under the bed may be beneficial.
  • If you don’t plan on adventuring for more than a couple days at a time, you may not need many appliances like a sink or a stove top. But, having a fridge is always a good idea! A larger dometic fridge is perfect for the abundance of drinks and snacks that comes with traveling with others. Check out the Dometic CFX 95W Dual Zone Wifi Electric Cooler , or the Dometic CFX 75W Dual Zone Wifi Electric Cooler for the most space.

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Extended Road Trips and Long Adventures

For long excursions and a live in van life style, there needs to be more to your conversion so you can comfortably travel and camp with ease. Here’s some great products you can include to go from camping to glamping.

  • In order for your appliances to be the most efficient, your battery system has to be the best. Our link to store: Power in a Box system, built with Victron products, offers the most power and efficiency to keep your van running on all cylinders. The 12 volt system is expandable, so you can add more to your power pack if needed. It is also easy to uninstall so you can use it as a power pack outside your van as well.
  • Including kitchen appliances in your campervan is a great idea if you plan on road tripping and camping for long periods of time. The Dometic sink and stove unit is noninvasive and makes cooking food on the road more accessible. Think about including a Dometic fridge in your appliance set so you can keep perishables on your road trip.
  • If you include kitchen and plumbing appliances, they require a power source. A water tank and a propane tank are needed to bring life to your stove, sink, and other appliances you choose to include. We suggest the 1lb propane tank plumbing with bracket and the 5gallon fresh and grey water tanks.
  • When camping and exploring, there are times when you’ll just want to kick your feet up and relax in the great outdoors. To maximize your enjoyment, consider adding an awning to the exterior of your van! Dometic and Fiamma awnings are sturdy and easy to use, they will provide ample shade and comfort for relaxing outside.

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