COVID-19 and travel: Camper Van Life is your Solution

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Society and the world as we know it will be forever changed by the coronavirus pandemic. The travel industry was one of the most affected industries during COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean traveling is over. There are alternatives to planes and trains, so how do we navigate traveling now and in years to come? The solution: Van life! Camper vans are the easiest and most fun way to social distance yourself while still being able to travel.

A Quick Rundown of the Situation

It is safe to say that Americans were not prepared for COVID-19. Three months ago when this pandemic began, we all watched from the sidelines hoping for the best for China, not thinking this would become a global crisis.

Now here we are, in a state of emergency. All the news, social media, your friends, and family can talk about is the alarming rate that the coronavirus has spread across our country. The government called for more temporary closures, more isolation, and even statewide shutdowns. But life cannot stop in its tracks. People need to travel, college students need ways to get home, at-risk people need ways to escape infected areas, and some are going stir crazy staying in their homes and need a way to safely go out and live life. With COVID-19 becoming more of a threat, people are scared to travel due to crowded airports, airplanes with close quarters, and hotels that probably aren’t as clean as advertised. So how can we travel during a pandemic while keeping ourselves and others safe from COVID-19? 

The Solution 

Camper vans take away the struggle and danger out of traveling during a time when social distancing is a concern. Van life allows you to travel safely alone or with your quarantine crew. 

Social Distancing

Combine quarantine with travel and take to the road in a camper van. The typical camper van is decked out with a queen bed, an alley kitchen, a sink, a fridge/cooler, plus other amenities you would like to add to the build. Your van is your home on wheels with all your own stuff in it. No need to worry about who was staying there before you or if the sheets were washed and changed. 

The CDC continues to warn the population of the importance of social distancing and limiting time spent outside of quarantine for fear of contracting the virus.

Traveling, especially air travel is the exact opposite of social distancing. Even on a normal day where there isn’t an international pandemic, airports are full of people, full of germs, and full of ways to get a cold or minor illness, and now we have COVID-19 to think about. Vans are easy to drive and are the most comfortable way to road trip. The vans are even equipped with rotating captains chairs. Driving long distances may not be an immediate go-to, but you will skip crowded airports and cramped planes by road tripping comfortably in your home on wheels. 

Stops Along the Way

Road trips obviously take longer than a flight, but in your camper van you can take breaks and enjoy the trip by exploring along the way. Taking moments to stop during the drive and get outside is not only an enjoyable experience but is good for your immune system to get fresh air and vitamin D. Getting into nature is important because it will take you away from the busy cities and busy roads that are filled with the people you’re trying to avoid. Plus, due to self-quarantine, people are hesitant to leave their homes leaving the outdoors isolated and safe. So go hike or camp somewhere away from people and socially distance yourself in nature. 

Life Post-Coronavirus

While this virus will most likely only be at a pandemic level for a brief time, the way people go about life will change because of the effects COVID-19 has had on our society. Cleanliness will be a priority along with taking illness more seriously. Most of all, the way people travel will change drastically even after the coronavirus has run its course. Van life could be the best option for you if you are interested in streamlining your trips, avoiding hotels, and distancing yourself from crowded airports. Camper vans aren’t just for the rugged adventurer, but for those who want to simplify traveling and stay as healthy as possible. You don’t have to have a full camper to enjoy road trips. FreedomVanGo installs a bathroom in camper vans. Having your own bathroom alleviates any concern about public rest areas and the germs that maybe there. 

Get ahead of the game and travel in style, ease, and cleanliness with a camper van. Joining the van life community is one click away!

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