FreedomVanGo Rental Service


Why is renting right for you?

You may know us as the sweetest van builders on the East Coast, but we’re gearing up to offer you a rental service flush with awesome rigs to get you familiar with van based travel! We are giving you everything you need to know about the renting process, which van is right for your trip and a list of epic add-ons that will be available to make your road trip even better. Whether you are looking for a way to familiarize yourself with Vanlife, aren’t in a position to start your van yet, or are just looking for a great vehicle for your vacation, we are ready to help!

not 100% yet? rent first, buy later

Our thought behind offering a rental service was to cater to those who are on the fence about the van life. Committing to the van life is a large investment and jumping in with little to no previous experience can be scary. For those of you wanting to dip your toes into the unknown waters of camper vans, renting is the perfect option for you. By renting our vans for a road trip, you can learn in a worry-free environment. With the ability to try before you buy you will be able to learn exactly what about the van you like, what you would customize/upgrade, and what you may not need to include in your own van. After your renting experience, we will be ready to welcome you and your build into the shop with open arms!

Maybe you want the experience, not the van

If you have no intention of buying your own conversion van but want to go on an epic trip/vacation, we’re ready for you! We are all about exposing people to the joys of van life, even if it’s just a one-time thing. We will teach you everything you need to know about the van before you head out on your trip including the power system, how to care for the plumbing, how to drive the vehicle, and any maintenance that might need to be done while you’re out so you have all the confidence needed to hit the open road.

Simple, fast, and catered to you!

Through websites like Outdoorsy and RVShare, we have been able to streamline the renting process which makes it easier on us and more importantly, you! On these websites you will easily find our renter policies and rules which allows for zero communication errors. We have also listed the amenities for each van which will help you decide which option is best suited for your needs. Once you’ve made the decision to rent with us all that’s left to do is book your trip and come pick up the van! We also have drop off options depending on your location. We will have contracts and checklists ready when you arrive, so no need to worry yourself with printing and bringing a bunch of paperwork. We want to make this process easy so you feel comfortable and excited to get going on your adventure!

Let’s check out the options

While we currently have two vans ready for renters, and we are working on expanding our fleet so we can cater to a wider variety of customers. Up for grabs right now we have Backwater(link to landing page) which is the perfect adventure build, and the Winnebago Revel Clapboard which can fulfill all your glamping desires.

2018 Mercedes sprinter 144″ 4×4 – Backwater

This van can adapt to any trip and is perfect for both family trips or single adventures. The van boasts a Goal Zero Yeti 3000 integration kit that will power the cooler, fans, and anything else you need to plug up. The Dometic 12v electric fridge is spacious and can keep your snacks and drinks cold without having to rely on ice. Even though there is no bathroom in this van, we offer a portable potty so you can go with ease while camping. This van may lack plumbing, a galley, and a shower, it makes up for it in space. We offer a removable bench seat that allows you to bring guests with you, but if you don’t have any fellow adventurers, the space is perfect for storing other camping supplies. Space under the bed allows for a blow up mattress for other guests or to store your bikes, paddle boards and other gear. The Dometic retractable awning creates a covered outdoor living space where you can set up chairs and cooking utensils for an upgraded camping fee

Winnebago Revel – ClaPboard

Winnebago has condensed an RV to fit onto the 144″ wheelbase VS30 chassis. This conversion is great for those who want maximum comfort but happen to be uncomfortable driving around a massive RV. Alternatively, maybe you’re looking for something upscale with adventure capabilities. Either way this van is the one for you. The Revel includes a shower, water tanks and a kitchen complete with a stove top and sink. It is perfect for those who want to go to state parks and campgrounds but don’t necessarily want to rough it. Currently our Revel is a standard build, but throughout the coming months (when it isn’t out on the road) we plan on adding our own customizations to make it even better.

we got what you need!

We offer a variety of awesome add-ons to rent alongside the van!

  • Kitchen sets which include pots, pans, cutlery, and other cooking utensils you might need on the road as well as cooking stoves.
  • Towels and bedding that we clean and thoroughly sanitize between renters, but we understand if you want to use your own!
  • If you need something to eat on and sit in, we can hook you up with a table and chairs from Helinox to complete your outdoor living space.
  • For those who are really wanting to amp up their adventures, we will be bundling in our QuietKat E-bikes!
  • If you’re looking to bring an E-Bike with you or even just your own bicycle, a bike rack will be needed, and how about that! We can rent you one.
  • Have a pet? You are more than welcome to bring your furry copilots in our rental vans!

Ready to hit the road?

So what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to help you get started on your Van Life journey and renting experience. If you want more information click here for videos, pictures, and links to our rental webpages or feel free to contact us anytime!

Ready to roll? Let us help you get on the road!

Our team is available to help you choose the best solution for your next van build project. Schedule a call with one of our builders.