Ecoflow Power Options

EcoFlow Power Kits

The newest plug and play electrical set up! We are stoked to offer these kits in both 2kwh-6kwh and 5kwh-15kwh set ups. There is something for everyone with this wide span of power options. Regardless of which you chose, each kit comes with the Smart Distribution Panel, Power Hub, Power Kit Console, and Cable Pack. The kit has everything you need to run a fully functional system which is perfect for the low to mid power user.

2kwh, 4kwh, & 6kwh Kits

The 2kwh-6kwh option is meant perfect for the low power user. Choose up to three 2kwh batteries to help power your rig’s internal lights and appliances. Best Fit For:

Those of you with very few power needs. Maybe you’re only running your fridge and some puck lights or only a maxxair fan. If you do not have many items in yur rig that require power, than this minimal option is best for you. 

Those who live the van life in small/ short spirts. Do you love to take your van out for a night of camping, a day out with the fam, or maybe tailgating for an afternoon? Awesome! We love that people use their vans in ways unique to them. But this means you probably don’t need the biggest and baddest system, just something that will power you through your afternoon. 

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5kwh, 10kwh, and 15kwh Kits

The 5kwh-15kwh option is the best bet for the Mid tier power user. Choose up to three 5kwh batteries to help power your van’s appliances on your adventures! Best fit for:

Those of you going on shorter journeys with a van full of electronics. Maybe you only plan to be camping for a couple days but you have a fridge, ac, lights, heater, outlets, etc… Thats alright! This system can handle it just fine.

Those of you who aren’t into the off grid camping, but adventure longer and often. Your power system will hold up just fine with all your electronics hooked up to this system especially when you’re campsite of choice includes a shore power hook up!

Those of you who aren’t running that many electronics. This set up is perfect for a simple roof top ac/ maxxair fan combo or even a fridge/ cook top/ 12v outlets combo. If you’re only running a few items then this is your best bet!

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Epic Add-Ons

Add some other gear to your set up! We also offer Ecoflow’s Smart Generator.  This is not included in the power kit but have the potential to further upgrade your adventure! The additional generator can pull through in a pinch to charge your devices when your system is dead or charging. 

Smart Generator

Watch and Learn

Check out these videos breaking down the Kit and the components that are included! Learn more about the Power Hub, Distribution Panel, and Power Kit Console so you know exactly how your system functions and why each part is so important!

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