Whether you have endless money to spend on your build or a tighter budget, van life is for everyone! There are plenty of great products on the market that are more budget-friendly and allow for continual upgrades as your build grows and changes. Here are some easy ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality in your van build.

Keep Your Cool 

You might spend your days hiking, biking, and exploring instead of being in your van, but for the time you are spending in your rig, airflow is important. Rooftop ACs are great, but not always budget conscious. Keep your cool and keep your cash by investing in two Maxxair fans instead! Keep the lids open and these will help keep air circulating in your van so the cabin isn’t filled with stagnant, musty air. You can also close the lid for “ceiling fan mode” this will allow you to adjust fan speed for temperature and keep air circulating throughout your van to keep you comfortable. If you eventually want to switch out one of these for a Rooftop AC, the great news is Maxxair fans require a standard 14 square-inch cut which is the same as both AC systems. We’re not saying removing and switching these products will be easy, but if you ever do want to upgrade, you won’t have to worry about recutting holes already made in your van. You may also consider looking into vented windows or Terrawagen window vents to help increase airflow!

Upgrade Your Interior 

As you know, it can get pricey trying to convert the interior of your van. Interior conversion kits are simple, sleek, comfortable, and a little expensive, and another way to go about it is to totally DIY. But, between cutting your own panels, fabricating, and installing them, it can be a daunting task and might end up becoming just as expensive with the money you put into supplies and all the time you’ve spent. A more budget-friendly option is the RB Components Interior Paneling kit. These kits are only a set of pre-fabricated and upholstered panels, so you’re missing out on some features you get from Adventure Wagon such as the steel a-frame, L track lay-ins, and molded trim pieces. At the end of the day, even without these upgrades, your interior will still have s nice look that is more comfortable and stylish than plain walls. 

The details of your interior such as flooring, beds, and cabinets can start to rack up the overall price of your build. After looking at the price tag for some of these items, you might be second guessing how important sleep reallyyyy is. Don’t worry! There are alternatives to high price name brand options such as AMFBruns Smart Floor and MOAB Beds. We stand by these products, but understand that they aren’t right for everyone. At FreedomVanGo, we have a skilled team of builders and fabricators who can create custom bed frames and floors that are durable, comfortable, and will make your interior feel like home.

FVG Bed Frame
FVG Flooring
RB Components Panel Kit

Its Electric

Powering your van is often the most expensive single system in your conversion process. The good news is, you don’t need to drop thousands of dollars on a beefy electrical setup to have an effective electrical system. We always suggest our Goal Zero Integration system for people who have low to medium-power needs but don’t need an empty wallet. Compact, simple to install, and easy to use. Power your fans, AC, heater, and anything else that runs off 12-volt power. We’ve also included wall plugs so you can charge your electronic devices while off grid. The downside to running certain things off of an integration kit will be longevity. For example, while you can certainly power your AC, it won’t be for a full overnight stretch. This integration is ideal for those of you who have minimal electrical needs, want a more compact system, and need efficiency without the price tag. You can also charge your system while driving via alternator charging, keep it powered through solar, and of course shore power hook up.

Between high-price builders and expensive parts, the Van Life vision can seem out of reach. But not everything about your build has to break the bank. Sadly no matter how you look at it, adventure vans aren’t cheap, but they also don’t have to cost as much as a new house (unless you want it to, then by all means!) Cut a few costs without cutting quality by investing in these money saving alternatives! We can help hook you up with these products, so give us a call or shop our store today and we can help you get the van life started.

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