Happy New Year from FreedomVanGo! 2021 was a great year filled with awesome people and epic vans, so we’re excited about what 2022 has in store. So let’s stroll down memory lane, and look down the road for what epic adventures lie ahead.

Van Highlights

We are very thankful for all our customers who rolled through the shop in 2021, whether they got an adventure-ready van or parts installations. This past year brought us some crazy cool builds. On average we had 20 vans a month come into our shop to get work done! 

Some highlights for us were the Nowlin’s Bathroom build. We usually do two-three of these per year, and the outcome is always incredible. It’s the perfect road trip rig set up with captains chairs, custom interior fabrication, Lagun Tables, and of course the closed-off bathroom in the rear of the van. 

This was the year of the Transit! We’ve worked on a few here and there in the past, but the market exploded with new products and parts for this van, so we got the chance to build some cool Fords including, Baloo, our shop van, Yeet Wagon, and Barnes’ 148” EXT which was the very first van to receive our Transit Adjustable Roof Rack

Building Up 2022

Throughout this year, we hope to keep the pace and to continue to produce vans that our customers are pumped to hit the road in! We are also excited about expanding our capabilities to the new Winnebago Ekko. As we’re sure you’ve seen, we are in the process of building out our own so we can test the products ourselves before offering them to you all! So if you have or are waiting on your own Ekko, come see us for some sweet upgrades from suspension, bumpers, lights, awnings, and more!

2021 Adventures

2021 was our first real events season as we traveled all around the country for Adventure Van and Overland Expos! We got to spend time out west in Colorado and Utah then back east in Virginia and Tennessee. Having the opportunity to get the rigs on the road and off the beaten path was awesome! We had the opportunity to spend time with friends from Victron, Van Wife, and Flarespace and we also got to meet some new ones from Tourig, Storyteller, AVCRigs, Lightforce, and more epic van builders and vendors from across the country! Having the chance to meet other van lifers, previous clients, and some of our online store customers was also a highlight for us! 

A big moment for us in 2021 was the Southeast Overland and Offroad Expo. It was the kick off year for this one-of-a-kind event in Florida. We got to be a part of growing the Overlanding community in our part of the country and it was so great to see how much traction this lifestyle already has down here. SEOO Expo 2021 was one for the FVG History books and we can’t wait for 2022 where we’ll be partnering up with Lightforce for the event!

Hitting the Road in 2022

While we had a great run last year, we want this year to be even better! In 2022 we will be hitting 12 shows! From RV shows, Adventure Van Expos, and of course Overland Expos our schedule is packed. We’ll be spending time out west for the first time, and we can’t wait to see all our people from California, Washington, and Oregon. We will of course be hanging out on our side of the country too; we’ll be at events in Florida, Tennessee, and Virginia!

We’re upgrading our look this year as well! We will be hauling our shop Ekko across the country with our new, fancy show trailer! It will be like our mobile show room for you all to browse at events. We’ll have a little bit of everything including exterior and interior accessories and upgrades for Sprinter and Transit chassis, FVG/ Van Parts Warehouse merchandise, and the option to shop our online store at special event pricing. 

The FVG Family

This year we got to add to our family and grow our business in ways we only dreamt of! We’re so thankful for our team that has dedicated their time and energy into making van life dreams reality, both for the business and for our awesome customers. You know most of us, but we want to take a second to brag on our team!

You already know Chad and Grant, our fearless leaders who are making big things happen in the Van World! They’ve made us a spot on the map in our community and we’re thankful to have such dedicated leadership. 

Chris, Lisa, and Elora, the ones holding us down! They are operations, scheduling, accounting, product management, customer service, and then some! You name it, these guys get it done. We are blessed to have them, we’d certainly be a mess without them!

Caleb and Averie, the marketing/eCommerce dream team! They run our online presence, content creation, events, and online store. They “make it pretty” and on top of that, are responsible for about half of our revenue in 2021!

Max, John, Forrest, Cesar, Nick, Nate, and Jeremiah, the shop guys making it happen! Without them, we wouldn’t be in business. They’re the best team and can handle whatever gets thrown at them. They roll out the best quality work and are the reason we are capable of giving you all an amazing product! 

Growing the Team

We’ve hardly stepped into 2022 and we’ve already added to our growing fam! Everyone say hi to Hannah, who will be helping out on the retail side of things, and Anna, who will be assisting in operations!

We’re still looking for amazing people to joining our team this year! Check out our careers page for more info on the positions and maybe you or someone you know could be looking at a new job for the new year!

We are thankful to all of you for helping to make 2021 unforgettable and we hope you continue with us on this journey to see what 2022 has to offer!

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