Sprinter Front Bumpers

Front Bumpers

Protection, recovery, and style. Front bumpers are an important aspect of any adventure build. Whether you need a home for your winch and recovery gear, are looking for better front protection on the trails, or simply want to look badass, we have some great options for you. We work with Backwoods Adventure Mods and CATuned to provide epic bumpers.

Backwoods Front Bumper

The original Backwoods Bumper for Mercedes Sprinters. This bumper provides a more aggressive look for your van. The bumper is equipped with mounting zone for Warn winch, 2 shackle hooks, 4 square light pockets, and full DEF tank protection.

Backwoods Front bumper w/ Bull Bar

The same great front bumper, with the addition of the Bull Bar. The bull bar adds some extra flare and provides a home specifically for a 20″ Pathfinder light bar. Same awesome features apply to this different style. 

Backwoods Scout Bumper

The all new scout bumper for Mercedes Sprinters is here! This new design is a refreshing sleek look that still adds style and protection to the front of your rig. It is able to fit Warn EVO series winches, has two tow hooks, and is compatible with all front sensors!

Backwoods Scout Bumper w/ Bull Bar

The new scout bumper also comes with a bull bar option! Same sleek and minimalist look with a bit extra flare. The bull bar is the perfect spot for mounting lights such as Baja LP9s, Lightforce HTX2s, or even Diode SS5. All the same great features are included here as well!

CATuned Off-Road Front Bumper

Debatably our most popular option, the CATuned Off-Road front bumper has a simplistic look that is still rough and rugged, provides ample protection, and is compatible with many of our popular items. It is able to fit a Warn EVO or ZEON series winch, has two tow hooks, front hitch, and tubular style bull bar to make mounting lights not only easy, but almost a necessity. 

Watch and Learn

Check out the install process for the Backwoods Adventure Mods front bumper! While this video is on the more entertainment side and less the informational side, it still shows off our installation process of these great bumpers! Plus the addition of gear like the Warn EVO 12s Winch and Diode Dynamics Light Pods that are typically paired up with this bumper.