Roof Rack Package

For Mercedes Sprinters 170" & 144" NCV3 & VS30

Starting at $7,151.94

Price includes individual product prices and installation cost. Does not include shipping fees and tax 

  • FVG Adjustable Roof Rack
  • Diode Dynamics Stage Series 3″ Light Pods (pair)
  • Diode Dynamics 50″ Light Bar
  • Fiamma 12′ Awning
  • Angled Solar Panels
  • MaxTrax MKII Recovery Boards and Mounting Clamps
  • FVG Roof Rack Panels(x3)


Riptide is the exact example of this package, but we have also included examples of others who have modified this set up to best fit their adventure van needs


Mercedes Sprinter 170″

Elliot's Sprinter

Mercedes Sprinter 170″

D'Anieri's Revel

Winnebago Revel

Rana Reider's Sprinter

Mercedes Sprinter 170″

Applecider Vanegar

Mercedes Sprinter 170″ Extended

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