Storage Options for Every Adventure


Part of building the perfect camper van is deciding what storage you’ll need and want. Thankfully we offer the best interior and exterior storage options for conversion vans that will fit all of your needs. Whether you’re looking for minimal out of the way interior storage, or exterior cargo carriers for larger items, we’re here to help.

Exterior Options:

The Mounting Tool for all your Needs

The Owl Vans Sherpa Cargo Carrier is a great addition to any sprinter van. It installs on the rear doors and allows for you to mount any extra add ons you may want. It’s lightweight, super convenient, it opens with the van door and can hold up to 100 pounds. Some popular items we’ve mounted to these are MaxTrax recovery units, Backwoods Adventure Mods boxes, and Owl Vans cargo boxes!

The Rear Storage Box we Love

The Backwoods Adventure Mods Cabinet box is a frequent install in our shop! They look great and offer spacious storage on the inside and come with mounting flanges to easily attach accessories to the box itself. It helps keep your stuff secure and weatherproof as it can withstand pretty much anything you get into with your van!

Have a Bike? Here are SOme Options!

Owl Vans B2 Bike carrier is a fantastic option for those of you looking for an easy way to store your bike for long adventures. The carrier can hold 150 pounds and will fit the Backwoods Adventure Mods cabinet box

The 1Up Bike Tray attaches to the B2 Bike Carrier as well as the Sherpa! The tray can hold any bike up to 50lbs and has any wheel base up to 54 inches. The design of this carrier has rack arms that clamp down on the tires without touching the frame to keep your bike safe and secure without worry of damage. 

Interior Options:

Out of the way Storage, MAde by Us

MOLLE Panels are the best way to store pouches and bags in a discrete and convenient location that allows you to utilize all the space you can in your van. Our panels come in Sprinter and Promaster configurations. These are great for mounting your Blue Ridge Overland Gear pouches

We Carry Pouches for Everything

Blue Ridge Overland Gear offers pouches, bags, and mounts for just about anything. Seat back panels allow for similar accommodations as our rear door MOLLE Panels, and they are compatible with all MOLLE pouches for easy back of seat storage. For pouches, there are too many to count! They vary in size to hold anything big or small. Everything from a first aid kit that hooks right onto MOLLE panels, to headrest pouches for even more storage, and so much more.

Get Some overhead Storage

Van Wife Components offers a headliner shelf for Sprinters and Promasters! These easily install above the front seats and are great for sliding any items you want out of the way but still want quick and easy access to.

Adventure Wagon Mule Bags are a great option for overhead storage! They combine the durability of hard sided lockers with the convenience of soft storage. They mount easily to L-track in Sprinter, Transit, and Promaster vans. 

FVG Designed Storage: Perfect for a Full Build OUT

These products can be found in our shop van, Riptide and are featured in Backwater! We installed custom designed aluminum overhead cabinets, galley and fridge cabinets, and bench storage that even includes a toilet drawer. Ask us about these awesome options!

Ready to roll? Let us help you get on the road!

Our team is available to help you choose the best solution for your next van build project. Schedule a call with one of our builders.