Stand Out at the Campsite


With the growing popularity of the van life, we are seeing more people roll up to camp grounds with vans instead of your typical RV. Every van is awesome and perfect for each owner’s needs, but with the new onslaught of sprinters, transits, and promasters how do you make sure your van is different from the rest? At FreedomVanGo, we like to stand out from the crowd, and a lot of our customers have come to us requesting the same. We have had the chance to create epic vans that aren’t your typical build, and we have taken the time to find awesome products that will take any van to the next level!

Products that Excite

XKGlow Kit

We have put together an underglow kit that works for all vans. The XKGlow Kit comes with LED lighting for the wheel wells, grill, and rocker panels so you have an all encompassing under glow for your van. The lighting system is bluetooth and app controlled so you can set your glow to whatever color you want and can change it easily whenever you feel like it. The system only pulls x amps so you can keep them on all the time without draining your batteries or electrical system. 

Wheels and Tires

Trading in your stock wheels for aftermarket wheels and tires is an easy way to upgrade your rig! We carry and install wheels from multiple vendors and each option has upgraded the look of each van. Most of our customers have chosen Black Rhino wheels to give a more adventure ready look to their van. Black Rhino makes wheels that have a tough and rugged style, perfect for the van lifer trying to achieve a tough look with their van. 

We have recently partnered with BC Forged who specialize in custom forged wheels. They have expanded their collection to include wheels to fit Mercedes Sprinters. They have multiple options in both Modular and Monoblock configurations that will upgrade any van. The best part is that you get to fully customize the look of these wheels. Choose the color and finish for center, lip/inner, and hardware to make your wheels unique to you. 

The FVG Adjustable Roof Rack

Roof racks in of themselves aren’t necessarily special, but what you chose to add to them will make your van stand out. The FreedomVanGo roof rack is highly customizable and you can add pretty much anything to the modularly designed rack. Our roof rack DIY clamps allow for the mounting of just about anything to our rack. Light pods, light bars, recovery gear, awnings, panels, and more can be added to our roof rack to customize it to fit your practical and style needs.

Stand Out Vans

We have had the opportunity to work on some epic builds. These customers came to us with high expectations of wanting their vans to look unique, so we delivered the dream! Here are some sweet builds we’ve done if you’re looking for some inspiration!

Applecider Vanegar

The van fondly named Applecider Vanegar was one of the most epic builds we’ve taken on. Not only was it a 170” extended wheelbase, the biggest sprinter you can find, but it was the most extensive exterior build out we’ve done. The customer wanted just about everything on his rig to give it a rugged, adventure ready look. We installed two Backwoods Adventure Mods Cabinet Boxes on a Backwoods Adventure Mods Rear Swing Out Bumper, The FVG Roof Rack with Diode Dynamics Light Pods and two Light Bars. Both the Front and Rear bumpers were flush with diode pods as well, the front sporting a Pathfinder Light Bar in the Bull Bar. This van is tricked out, lit up, and definitely stands out from the rest.

Koffee Kult

Our friends at Koffee Kult were looking for a van to use for marketing that no one would forget. We think the six Lightforce HTX2 hybrid lights on top of this van make it pretty memorable. We rigged our roof rack with six HTX2’s and six Diode Dynamics Light pods, enough illumination to rival the sun. They also asked us to install our XKGlow kit to make their rig stand out that much more.

Rana Reider’s VS30

This van still has a few stages to go through until it’s completed, but what we have added to this rig so far has made it stand out. Stage one included all the good stuff like an owl vans Ladder tire carrier and sherpa, FVG Roof Rack, and Light Force HTX2 Hybrid Lights. When he brought the van back it had been custom wrapped, which is a great way to creatively make your van custom to you. If you’re interested in wrapping your vehicle, let us know we have friends in Jacksonville who do great work. We recently added light pods and light bars to his roof rack. He also wanted the XKGlow kit which added even more excitement to this vehicle.


Our ever changing shop van. As a van company who prides themselves on building vans that are unique, we had to make our own something people would remember! We have added just about everything to this rig so we can show clients what each product actually looks like on a van. We update the gear on our van frequently to stay up to date on new products we provide for our customers, which means our van is tricked out. We have Owl Vans Ladder Tire carrier and sherpa, backwoods adventure mods front and rear bumper as well as their cabinet box. Lighting wise, we have Diode Dynamics pods and light bars around our Roof Rack as well as in our bumpers. We also included HTX2 driving lights mounted to the front bumper. Stay tuned we will be installing six HTX2’s of our own onto our roof rack, because we love the look Koffee Kult has. We also included custom modular wheels from bcforged with a teal lip, and to match the color we have our own XKGlow kit set at a teal underglow. We also had our van wrapped with our logo and a strip that includes the logos of all our awesome vendors!

Let’s Make it Happen!

If you have wild ideas for your van, bring them to us! We love building vans, and we especially love building vans that will stand out from the crowd. Let us help make your van the coolest at the campsite, give us a call and we can start making your van dreams a reality.

Ready to roll? Let us help you get on the road!

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