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One of the van life perks is the ability to go off road with ease. If you want to travel beyond the campsite, an adventure van is the way to go! But never go into the wild without making sure your van can handle whatever challenge may come off the beaten path. Here are the essentials to remember when going off road.

Designed by FVG:

Introducing FreedomVanGo Recovery. We put together kits with everything you’ll need as well as individual products custom designed with the help of C4RS 4×4 Recovery. 

The ARK:

The Adventure Recovery Kit (ARK) includes recovery accessories that are often an afterthought, but are essential to off road enthusiasts. The kit comes with two FVG shackles, FVG winch line extension, ARB 2000lbs snatch block, ARB tree trunk protector strap, and comes in Blue Ridge Overland Gear’s large recovery bag. 

FVG Winch Line Extension & Kinetic Ropes:

Attach easily to your winch line if you are out of reach to the nearest anchor point. The extension line can withstand 12,000lbs. Although these extensions aren’t made of steel like others, their design is much safer and more practical than steel wires, they are lighter, stronger, easier to use, and an added bonus, they float when in water!

Kinetic Rope, also designed by C4RS, these ropes use kinetic energy to safely recover super stuck vehicles. The stretch and durability of these ropes allow for more pull strength without the fear of breaking or snapping, unlike other cables or steel wire options.

Both of these are Berry and TAA compliant!


Our shackles are brightly colored and strong. Our shackles are tough and durable with a pop of color that will make your vehicle stand out!


If you plan on making your camper van a true adventure van by taking it off road, through the woods, and in the mud, having the proper recovery tools is a must. Although most vans are 4×4, that doesn’t mean the possibility of getting stuck is off the table. If it happens, it’s no big deal if your winch is mounted and you have recovery boards in tow! 

Warn Winches:

Adding a winch mount to your front bumper might save you a lot of trouble in the long run. WARN winches are a great option. They are fully electric which will help you if you aren’t traveling with other vehicles to help pull you out. For vans, the winches come in 12,000lbs and 10,000lbs options which will be more than enough strength to recover your adventure van.

Recovery Boards:

Maxtrax boards are also a helpful tool to have if in need of recovery. These boards are made to be put under your tires to provide a surface with traction if you’re stuck in a slippery situation. They come in multiple sizes to fit the diverse needs of each customer. They also come in lots of colors, so not only are they purposeful they’re also pretty stylish. 

On top of being essential recovery systems for your van, WARN winches, Maxtrax, and other recovery gear won’t take away any aesthetics of your rig, they’ll actually add a sweet look to your van! I mean just look at the ones we’ve installed.



If you plan on going beyond the street lights, you’re still going to need a way to see what’s around you. Obviously there are headlights on your vehicle but in order to get a better idea of your surroundings while off road, you’ll want to consider some aftermarket additions. We’ve seen people do just about everything: adding one light bar for extra visibility, light pods mounted all around roof racks, a light bar mounted to the bull bar of a bumper, the list goes on. The thing about lighting is that there is no right way to do it, it’s all about what you want. If you just want extra visibility, going simple with a light bar and a couple pods might do the trick. If you’re planning on sitting outside at night and want extra light, adding more pods to the side of your rack might be the way to go. Need lighting in the rear, add pods and a light bar to the back! Really just want your van to look badass? Full send and add everything from Lightforce, Baja, and Diode Dynamics products wherever you think it’ll look the best. Here are some awesome examples of customers who all wanted different lighting setups, and they all look fantastic

Wheels, Tires, Suspension:

Stock product is great for the pavement, but anywhere beyond that you’ll be happy you upgraded to a new set of wheels and tires and suspension. A new set of durable wheels are essential for off-road travel, they will be able to withstand the more rugged environment, plus they look way cool. We sell products from Black Rhino and BC Forged and can guarantee that they are top of the line products, because we’ve installed them on our personal rigs as well as many others. Adding bigger and more rugged tires to your new wheels with more tread will help prevent the usage of your winch and recovery boards. Remember it’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. 

Van Compass suspension kits are the best way to a  reduce stiff ride on uneven roads that happen with stock suspension. An upgraded suspension will improve the handling of your van on bumpy roads. Van Compass’s kit comes with front and rear falcon shocks, front sumo springs, rear three leaf mini spring pack, and dust boots. The perfect set up for an off the grid adventure.

Electrical System:

When traveling beyond the realm of civilization, it is incredibly important to have a reliable power system in your van. Imagine you’re in the middle of nowhere and suddenly your electrical system fails, there goes your heater, lights, cooler, and anything else you use the system for. 

Not every power system is made equally, which is why we’ve curated the most powerful and most reliable system made from Victron Energy products. We have built a range of Power in a Box systems that were designed to fit the different needs of each customer. The Weekender is our smallest unit (100ah-200ah) that is for the van lifer who doesn’t need to power their van for weeks on end, but wants efficiency for shorter trips. The Boondocking system is a larger system (200ah-400ah) that is powerful enough for long adventures. For the DIYer, we have also put together everything you’ll need to build you own Solar powered system that is powerful and long lasting (200ah-600ah). Goal Zero yeti generators are also a great choice, especially combined with our kits that seamlessly integrate the generators to power your van!

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