Job Title: Videographer

Starting Hourly Rate: Commensurate with experience level

Reports to: Marketing Department

Start Date: Immediate

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

Technical acumen to operate, configure, set up and fix video / audio / lighting and

other production equipment

 Content planning and scheduling

Manage long term projects with B-roll to create project narratives

Understanding of post-production techniques

Proficient in Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Adobe Premier

Create storyboards and plans for instructional videos / how to’s / day in the shop

Create short videos for social media marketing

Data organization, ability to library footage

Location scouting and assessment

Other Duties and Requirements:

Creativity and attention to detail

Ability to work under deadline pressure

Energy and determination

Flexibility in schedule to special events

Handle multiple tasks in a timely manner

Equipment Provided:

Fuji Film xt3

Edelkrone robotic camera gear

DJI Ronin RS2 Gimbles

Zoom H6n

Various microphones

LED Lighting

Others as needed

Additional Requirements:

Assist with equipment inventory management

Ability to lift up to 25lbs, climb ladders, etc.