Transit Rear Carriers

Stylish Storage and Carriers

Unfortunately, if you have a Ford Transit, Owl Vans gear is not for you. BUT that is not to say there aren’t other amazing brands at your finger tips. We work with Aluminess and Rover Vans to provide our Transit friends with great options that will upgrade the look, feel, and function of their rig! Check out all options below

Rover Vans Tire Carrier & Ladder Combo

Rover Vans not only creates great for Transits, but they also build their own vans! They have created gear that they wanted for their own builds, but there was nothing on the market that suited their needs. So introducing the Tire Carrier & Ladder Combo that functions as both the perfect way to store your spare tire and a simple yet stylish way to access the roof of your van!

Rover Vans Tire Carrier and Accessory Rack

Rover Vans has also created the Tire Carrier/ Accessory Rack that is perfect for carrying just about anything you may need. Mount a cargo box to it, throw your tire up there, or even use the vertical 1up bike tray kit to mount your bikes on it! The possibilities are endless.

Aluminess Rear Door Rack Units

The beginnings of an awesome rear door cargo system. This simple frame should be used as the foundation for other gear such as cargo boxes, the BackPACK plate, bike trays, and more. This comes in two options, the Horizontal Bike Rack Combo and the Vertical Bike Rack Combo. Choose the right one for you based on if you want to carry your bikes vertically or horizontally.

Aluminess BackPACK Mounting Plate

The BackPACK Plate will transform your Base Unit into a piece more similar to the Rover Vans accessory rack and Owl Vans Sherpa. This panel will elevate the functionality of the simple frame rack that is the Base Unit.

Aluminess Rear Door Tire and Box Rack

The Rear Door Tire and Box Rack is simple way to mount and access your spare tire! This is simply a tire carrier, no rear ladder included, so it offers a more simple look. If showing off your spare isn’t up your ally, the carrier will also fit a cargo box!

Aluminess Ladder/ Tire/ Box Combo

The Ladder/ Tire/ Box Combo is the easiest way to both access your roof and carry your spare tire! The carrier will let you show off your after market wheels and tires, but if you aren’t interested in that, the carrier will also hold a cargo box for even more storage!

Owl Vans Expedition Box

The Owl Vans Expedition Box comes in both Medium and Large options! The Medium is perfect for storing cords, recovery gear, straps, and other compact items. The Large option is great for storing all that gear and more plus is the perfect dimensions to keep your portable Honda generator.

Owl Vans Monster Box

The newest cargo box from Owl Vans: the Monster Box! This sucker is huge, in fact is the biggest on the market. Comes with adjustable shelf on the inside so you can organize your gear just how you want. on the exterior, the two folding doors are equipped with gear plates for even more mounting space! 

Backwoods Cabinet Box

Backwoods Adventure Mods is never to be excluded! Their cabinet box has been one of our best sellers since the start of our company. This box is the same style and size as the Owl Expedition box (which is because Backwoods makes Owl’s) The key differences are Backwoods are a bit heavier BUT come with side gear plate for things such as rotopax mounting.

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