Seat Replacements and Additions

Let’s face it, factory seats aren’t the comfiest option, especially when it comes to long road trips. The good news is that there are replacement options that are more comfortable! We work with Scheel-Man and JMG Systems both of which make captains chairs that can replace the front seats, and can also be added and installed in the back for additional seating. We also work with AMF Bruns SmartSeats that fit directly into the L-track included with the Smart Floor system to provide extra seating for more passengers!

JMG Systems

JMG Systems creates a great captains chair system. The system includes the mounting plate, seats, and braces needed for install. These seats will be directly attached to the actual floor of your rig which is DOT/FMVSS compliant and safe! The seats themselves are semi customizable where you can choose what upholstery you would like and the size, either 18″ or 20″.

SMF Bruns Smart Seats

AMF Bruns Smart Seats are created to pair with their Smart Floor. The seats themselves fit into the L- Track lay ins included in the floor configuration. The seats come in many different set ups such as reclining, arm rests, and sizing options. The great part about these seats is that they can move around anywhere there is proper L-Track placement, so you can add seats, remove them, or reconfigure them easily.

Travois Swivel Bases

The perfect addition to your front captains chairs. Swivel bases allow your front seats to turn 180, facing the back of the van. These will transform your front seats to become an addition to the rear seating area. We offer Travois Swivel seat bases for both Mercedes Sprinter 2019+ and Ford Transits. Both options have driver and passenger options so you can have one or both of your seat accomadated!