Fans, AC, and Heating

Fans and Roof Top AC

Cool air is essential to your van life experience, and leaving you van on to run the AC is simply not the best choice. Instead, invest in roof top cooling options like Maxxair Fans or Roof Top AC to ensure that you are comfortable on warm nights! Check out your gear and configuration options below to see what might be best for you!

MaxxAir Fan

The base for any roof top cooling configuration! The MaxxAir Fan Deluxe is our go to. The fan is capable of cooling your rig, acting as a ceiling fan to keep circulation in your rig, or will act as an exhaust to circulate unwanted air out of your van. While this unit is 100% capable, it isn’t quite as powerful as a roof top ac, so don’t expect frigid temperatures if you choose to only run a fan. 

RecPro Houghton AC

Our favorite roof top ac! We have been working with this unit for a little over a year and it is featured in most builds that roll out of the shop. 

Nomadic X3 12v AC

A unit so new we don’t even have our own photos of it yet! This is Nomadic Cooling’s latest and greatest, a 12v option we want to offer our customers. The fact that it runs 12v makes it much more user friendly as it has a DC power in and will plug directly into your battery bank or electrical system!

Double Fans

Are you rolling on a budget? Or maybe chasing the nice weather? Then this configuration is best for you! Running two Maxxair fans can and will keep your van cool and keep it filled with fresh circulating air. This option is fine when the weather is nice, but we don’t recommend  this option for anyone camping in perpetually warm regions.

Fan + Roof Top AC

This popular set up is great for pretty much everyone! The roof top ac sits more towards the rear of the van while the fan will install towards the front. This configuration will keep your van cool and comfortable with the AC running, and continually circulating with the fan up front. In our opinion a roof top AC is essential living and camping in Florida and southeast in general. 

Roof Top AC Only

Want to skip the fan? Thats fine! Many people roll out with just an AC. If this is the route you want to go, we suggest alternate means of ventilation in your rig, like Terrawagen window vents or screened AMAuto slider windows. These options are great to let in a cool breeze, but we don’t recommend running the AC and having open windows as you’ll loose your ac!


Looking to travel year round? Well there will be some chilly nights. Much like the AC problem, you don’t want to leave your rig running in order to keep it warm and cozy in your van. Instead, opt for one of these Espar heaters! They are tiny but mighty and will keep your rig at a comfortable temperature. The heaters install out of the way, under the passenger side seat so they are not intrusive. They are meant to run off of your fuel supply, meaning they will always work for you (as long as you’re not running on E)! Espar has two options, the S2D2-L Diesel heater or the B4 Gas heater, depending on what kind of fuel your van runs. 

S2-D2 L Diesel Heater
B4 Gas Heater

Watch and Learn

Interested in how these units become a permanent feature of your rig? Check out these install highlights for the Maxxiar Fan and the Houghton AC! These will also come in handy if you’re interested in doing some DIY work.