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Give yourself a more comfortable ride! An upgraded suspension is great whether you want to stay on the pavement or hit the trails. Your road ride will be smoother with less impact from bumps and uneven roads and when you hit the dirt, your suspension will be more capable to withstand the impact of the trails. The Van Compass TOPO 2.0 Lift and Suspension is the best option on the market to smoothen your Ekko ride! Add on the 6000lbs Leaf Springs and you’ll have a perfectly rounded out suspension system. 

Van Compass Stage 2 TOPO 2.0 Lift and Suspension

Our go to suspension kit for Winnebago Ekkos! The Stage 2 Topo 2.0 Lift and Suspension kit is the an all inclusive system upgrade with replacement rear shocks, front coil springs, and a true 2″ overall lift. 

Agile Off Road RIP Rear Leaf Springs

Add on to your suspension system with added 6000 lbs leaf springs to support your vehicle, add a little extra lift to your rig, and further smoothen out your driving experience. We typically recommend pairing the suspension and leaf spring packs together for the best ride quality for your Ekko.

Watch and Learn

Take an in depth look at the Stage 2 Topo 2.0 suspension. Learn more about what this epic suspension kit could do to improve your ride quality. We also go in detail about how this kit varies from others like it!

We are all about Methods for our Ekkos! The MR901s are the best after-market option for your Ekko! Their Dually transit compatible wheels will get the job done whether you’re hauling equipment or headed into the woods for the ultimate overlanding experience!


Whether you’re looking to hit the trails or take a long road trip, upgraded tires will not disappoint. We offer a variety of tire brands and stand behind all of them! Whatever size you’re looking for, either standard or up to 35’s we can hook you up! Ask us about BFGoodrich, Falken, or Toyo tire options.

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