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Winnebago EKko 22a

(Transit Ekko/ Trekko)

The OG Transit Ekko is what made us fall in love! Since its release in 2021 we have been working on our own and countless customers’ rigs. We have spent the last 3 years finding the best upgrades, gear, and accessories for the Transit Ekko! Check out the coolest Trekkos that have come through the FVG shop!

Winnebago Ekko 23b

(Sprinter Ekko/ Sprekko)

We are proud to be the owners of the first Sprekko! Since January we have spent all our time adding new gear, forming new ideas, and learning all about this epic rig! We are ready for these things to start hitting the road and we can’t wait to have them in our shop. Check out the FVG Sprekko, “The Unit” !

Ekko One Stop Shop

Van Parts Warehouse

Looking for the best parts and pieces for your Ekko? Look no further than Van Parts Warehouse! Everything that we put on our own Ekkos we sell at VPWH. From suspension and bumpers to electrical upgrades and even essential accessories that will elevate your Ekko life! Shop today for all your Ekko needs.

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Everything you need to know to build your Ekko!

Thinking about buying an Ekko? Can’t choose between the Transit 22a or Sprinter 23b? Want to upgrade your rig but not sure where to start? Well worry no more! We have consolidated all the info you’ve been looking for.

  • Learn about both Ekko platforms: their differences, their pros, and their cons!
  • Explore potential upgrades for your vehicle.
  • Understand the FVG Build process.
  • Find all the Ekko resources you need!

Build Your Sprekko!

Explore your Sprinter Ekko options! We built out our own Sprekko in a way we love, but that doesn’t mean the options we chose are right for you. There are plenty of choices when it comes to compatible gear for your Winnebago Ekko 23b, all of which we 100% love and stand behind! 

Build Your Trekko!

We have built out two of our own Trekkos and countless customers’. All of this gear you are great options that we have installed and used on the Transit Ekko! Explore your options to see what fits your needs and style preference. 

The Unit

Explore Sprekko number one! This is the ultimate Sprinter Ekko build out with all the gear you need to take it from good to great.

The Trekko

Explore the ultimate Transit Ekko build! We have spent 4 years perfecting the Ekko 22a. Get some inspo for your Trekko today!

Ekko Excerpts

Our youtube is loaded with Ekko content! Check out finished walk-throughs, parts installs, and tutorials!

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