A Gift Guide to Van Life


October has come to a close, and while jack-o-lanterns and halloween candy go on sale, Christmas trees are replacing their spots on the shelves. The holiday season is quickly approaching and some of you might be wondering what to get your loved one who loves their van. Here are some simple ideas that are sure to make anyone a happy camper!

(Most of these products are great for any rig, not just vans. So if you have an overland enthusiast in your life, this blog is for you too!)

The Gift of Organization

Proper storage and organization oftentimes get left on the back burner. Even the longest wheelbase vans start to feel small when you build them out, so with such limited space it may feel like you’ll never have room for all your belongings. If this sounds like you or someone on your Christmas list, turn to Blue Ridge Overland Gear products! They make a variety of pouches and other storage options that are compact and will help make use out of every nook and cranny of your vehicle. One of our favorites that we believe will have the most impact are seat back MOLLE panels along with small and medium GP pouches. This will allow for utilization of the seat to help organize smaller items for which there was previously no perfect spot! 

Other helpful options include the Cube Caddy and Packing Cubes. Simply fill each cube with whatever you need and then place them in the caddy. These allow for more discrete and organized storage inside existing cabinets. For the person who needs more rugged storage for cords or recovery gear, check out the tire storage bag! These mount easily to the spare tire and are waterproof for safe and durable storage. Blue Ridge Overland gear also has a variety of specified pouches such as tool pouch rolls, shower caddies, and first aid kits that are compact, easy to store, and will keep your van-lifer well organized on the road!

Accessories for Every Camper

Add a little something extra to your adventure! An easy way to upgrade your camping experience is to add on some fun accessories suitable for an outdoor lifestyle. Products from Garmin, Helinox, and Brutrek will elevate the time outdoors and make for great gifts.


If your camper enjoys time in the woods searching for trails or camping sites, the Garmin Overlander might be right for them! This device is perfect for navigation, finding campsites across the country, locating hiking and bike trails, and much more thanks to the iOverlander app that allows you and others to share and save cool spots. Pair with the PowerSwitch for those who want to have easy control over their lights and other electrical! The PowerSwitch comes with six switches to connect to. The best part is that you can control the PowerSwitch via bluetooth from your Overlander! The two together create one perfect package. 

The Garmin Dash Cam 67W might be the perfect gift for a tech-savvy traveler. It has all the usual capabilities of a dash camera, with some bonus features. Includes all-time recording, auto-saving, voice activation, red light camera detection, collision warning, and much more!


For the easy going camper, some long lasting comfortable chairs might be high on the list! Helinox Savannah chairs are, as we say, the last chair you’ll ever buy. They are durable, rust proof, compact, and incredibly comfortable. These are perfect to set up under your awning or by the campfire after a long day of travel or exploring. Add the Helinox hard top table for a place to put your drinks and you got the perfect outdoor seating area!


Brutrek is great for everyone, not just those who love the outdoors. The Ovrlndr is a genius coffee mug that doubles as a french press for people who want upgraded coffee on the go, whether that means in the middle of the woods or at home before work. For those traveling with more than one, the Basecamp is a larger french press that will hold 48 oz! Add on the Airscape container so coffee stays fresh for longer on the road! Make the wilderness a little less wild by starting your morning off with some creature comfort like your favorite french pressed coffee!

Merry and BRIGHT

This time of year almost every tree, house, and street are lined with lights, don’t let your rig feel left out! If you’re looking for a little extra visibility or to light up the night we have great options from Lightforce and Diode Dynamics that will make any overlanding enthusiast happy. Looking for added visibility and a clean look? Diode Dynamics Stage Series 3” Pro Pods or LightForce Rok 40s are a great place to start. Both LED lights come in a variety of beam patterns that will fit whatever need you have. As far as which to choose, we stand behind both brands so it really comes down to style and which look you prefer! 

For someone who wants to stand out, we suggest Lightforce HTX2 hybrid driving lights. They look great mounted on the grill in a pair, or even on top of a roof rack 6 at a time. These are diverse lights that provide unmatched visibility and unique style to your rig. Other options from Lightforce such as Venom or Genesis LED lights, are a good alternative to the HTX2 and a little less expensive.

A Big Surprise

Hoping for some wow factor? There are a few items we always have in stock that will be sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. Has someone been wanting an awning, extra location to mount lights, or just a good way to be on top of their van? Then the FVG Adjustable Roof Rack is the perfect gift! Made for high-roof Sprinters and Transits, the modular design of our racks makes it simple to mount lights, awnings, and recovery boards with ease. We even create roof rack panels that will allow rooftop access to the van. Add a couple for utility purposes, or 8 to create a deck to sit on; the possibilities are endless!

Owl Vans Cargo carriers not only look great and provide needed exterior storage space, but are on almost every adventure van owners’ list of products they want! Hook up your van-lifer with a ladder + tire carrier for easy access to the roof of their rig. If your loved one enjoys biking while on the road, the B2 Bike Carrier paired with 1Up Bike Trays might be a good idea for their van. Know someone looking for the easiest way to mount exterior storage? Keep it simple with the Sherpa Cargo carrier. Help cross one item off their van build to-do list by putting some owl vans products under the tree. 

Still not sure what to get? Check out Van Parts Warehouse for the best van life and overland products on the market! Make sure to contact us first if you’re ordering for the holidays. As we’re sure you know, the current lead times and availability of some products is uncertain or delayed and we want to make sure we have or can get what you need in a timely manner so you aren’t set back on your gift giving!

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