Bed Frames

Odds are, you’ll want somewhere to rest after a long day of adventures. There are many platforms to choose from when it comes to where you’ll lay your head at night. We offer up the Advetnure Wagon MOAB Bed Frame which has options for Sprinters and Transits, or the Flatline Van Co. Bed Frames, which have options for Sprinters, Transits, AND Promasters. These are both great options, but it boils down to which look you like best and how you want your bed to function in your rig.

MOAB Bed Frame

The MOAB Bed is the typical go to for vans with the Adventure Wagon Kit! The bed system mounts perfectly to the L track that is included in the adventure wagon interior kit. This means you can raise and lower the bed frame as needed. Maybe you need more space for storage: place your bed higher! Maybe you want the ease of rolling into bed without a step stool or running jump: place it lower! The bed comes in three detachable pieces, which makes it easy to take apart, move around, and store if need be. Best Fit For:

Vans with pre-existing Adventure Wagon Interior Kit (or L Track) and NO Flarespace Flares. 

MOAB Traverse Bed Frame

Adventure Wagon has recreated their MOAB Bed to be compatible for sleeping sideways. Flares are an easy way to add more space to your van and make your sleeping space feel more cozy, but this means you can’t just use any old bed frame. The Traverse Bed Frame is essential! Instead of three panels, it comes with two that are still detachable for easy movement and storage. The one downside is that the traverse bed is NOT adjustable in height. If you have flares, you want to stay within them in order for them to actually be beneficial. The traverse bed system has rails that will be placed beneath where your flares start. Best Fit For:

Vans that have Flares! 

Flatline Van Co. Bed Frames

Sprinter Standard Frame

The Flatline Van Co standard bed frame for Mercedes Sprinters! This frame is both Adventure Wagon and DIY friendly, meaning it will fit right into your Adventure Wagon Kit or you can put it in your rig that has other paneling! The standard bed comes with three detachable panels so you can take it apart and store it easily. 

Sprinter Flarespace Frame

Sleep sideways in your sprinter! This is the same great FLVC frame, just made with suitable dimensions to compatible with Flarespace Flares. This frame has two panels opposed to three, but are still detachable for easy moving and stowing. Like the standard frame, this one is also compatible with both Adventure Wagon Kits or other paneling. 

Transit AdWag Compatible

The Same great Sprinter bed frame, but for our transit owners! This particular frame is suitable for Adventure Wagon interior kits. It will bolt directly into the Kit’s L-Track for simple and fast install! Comes with three panels that are detachable for easy movement and storage. 

Transit DIY Compatible

Don’t have an Adventure Wagon kit? No worries! The Transit bed frame has a DIY compatible option as well. Your bed frame kit will come with DIY brackets so you can easily install your bed frame without L-Track.

Promaster Bed Frame

Good news Promaster friends! There’s finally a great option for you guys. The FLVC bed frame for promasters has the same great quality and design as the Sprinter and Transit options. The bed comes with two detachable panels for ease of movement and storage.