Custom Vans

Custom Camper Vans - You Dream It, We Build It

Our fully custom van option is designed for the creator, the dreamer, the person who wants a little more control. We are available to help you design your van from the ground up with as much or as little input from you as you prefer. It’s your van your way.

More than a Custom Van Builder

We’re more than van builders…we’re van aficionados who have personally tested the gear that we suggest for custom van build projects. We work with equipment suppliers who build high-quality gear for all of life’s adventures on or off the road. Our partners include:

  • Victron Energy
  • Adventure Wagon
  • Owl Van Engineering
  • Flarespace
  • Dometic
  • Thetford
  • Terrawagen
  • Van Compass
  • Trigger
  • Goal-Zero
  • Blue Ridge Overland Gear
  • Baja Designs
  • Diode Dynamics
  • Fox Racing
  • AM Auto
  • Trail Kitchens
  • Backwoods Adventure Mods
  • Camp Chef
  • And more great partners

One Year Warranty & Tech Support

Our warranty is simple: We will guarantee all of our work on your van for one year after you pick it up for parts from our trusted vendor network. This is a guarantee on workmanship, fit, and finish with tech support. Our trusted vendors offer excellent warranties on their products, too. If you need us or have an issue, call us and we will help. It’s that simple.

A Focus on Adventure Vans

Many of our customers are looking for an adventure-ready van that will take them where they want to go and give them some of the luxuries of home without unnecessary frills. Our build style is one that leans toward adventure – off-road-ready, quality focused, built to get you there and last a long time. We think that traditional motorhomes and camper trailers are perfect solutions for folks who need a complete home-away-from-home solution. We build vans for people who anticipate going off the beaten path, have unique utility applications, or just can’t get what they’re looking for in a traditional RV. Do you need a place to store your bike and cook a meal on the road? We can help. Need a 4×4 van with a custom bed for your dog? We can help! We are open to collaboration and creativity to help you build the perfect solution for your unique needs.

The FreedomVanGo Van Build Process

We’ve helped many people complete van builds that they’ve already started and we can help you, too. Maybe you enjoy installing interior kits but you’re not too thrilled about running electric…we’re happy to do the things that you don’t want to do (or don’t have time to do) in your next van build project.

Step 1

Schedule a Free Design Consultation

Step 2

Bring Us Your Van

Step 3

We’ll build your van the way you want it

Step 4

Pick up your van

Common Questions

How long does it take to build my van?

Once we begin work on your van, it will be two to three months before it’s ready, depending on what you want and how many other vans we are working on at the time.

Do I have to use products from your trusted vendors?

We strongly suggest that you have us install products from our trusted vendors because we have worked with and tested their products. We also completely stand by them and you can rest assured that you’ll be covered by a strong manufacturer’s warranty from our trusted partners and a one year workmanship, fit, finish, and tech support warranty from us. We can install products from other vendors, but we may not be able to offer our normal guarantee.

Do you build walls or an interior kit?

For adventure/camper vans, we do not build any walls. We install the Adventure Wagon interior kit as a base for all full interior builds. We do sometimes build walls for non-camper vans with bathrooms.

Do you do plumbing?

Yes, but with some limitations that we’ve put in place for specific reasons. We do not ever install exterior-mounted water tanks because they are highly likely to fail due to extreme temperatures. We also do not suggest installing a bathroom or toilet in a short wheel base van, like the Sprinter 144, if the van is going to be used primarily for adventure or camping because the toilet area takes up too much room. If we do install a full toilet option, we will suggest using a cassette-style toilet. There are excellent portable toilet options available that may make more sense for camping or adventure applications. We often install simple-to-maintain under-cabinet water tanks for galley use.

Can you help me find a van if I don’t have one?

Yes. Visit our van-finder service page for more info.

Can you help me install portions of my build while I do the rest?

Yes. We are happy to do the things that you don’t want to do or that you may not have experience doing. As an example, we are electric specialists and Victron Energy Ambassador. Many people come to us for help installing electric components. Visit our A la Carte Build page for more details.

What will you need from me during the process?

We do our best to get everything we need from you prior to beginning any work. We’ll agree on the specifications of your build, conduct a walkthrough with you, and collect a deposit when you drop off your van. Once we begin working, we likely will not have any specific needs from you. We’ll contact you once your van is ready.

Do you offer pickup and delivery service?

Generally, no. If you need someone to pick up your van and deliver it to our shop and/or deliver it back to you, we will do our best to help you find the right solution. Most of our customers drive their van to our Jacksonville, FL shop, maybe spend a day or two in sunny Florida, fly home, then return to Jacksonville to pick up their van when it’s ready.

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