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If you have been in search of an all terrain e-bike, then look no further! We have recently become one of the only QuietKat E-bike dealers in our region! QuietKat is a big deal in the hunting and outdoorsmen community, but we want to bring in a whole new demographic, you, the Adventure community. QuietKat produces some of the fastest and most efficient E-Bikes on the market and are great for riding around campgrounds and state parks, as well as climbing mountains and rugged trails. Wherever you take your van, QuietKat can take you further.  The added benefit is you can charge the batteries from your existing power system in your van to make sure when you set up camp, you can explore even further.

Buy Small, Live Large

We love big brand stores, but buying through small businesses is a great way to get a personalized shopping experience. We are always ready to take your calls, reply to your emails, or schedule a time to meet you in person. We can work with you one on one and help you decide what will best fit your needs and we will keep in touch with you in case there is anything else that we can help you with. Plus we’re a one stop shop for vans, e-bikes, and other overlanding necessities. If you’re looking for the full set up, come check us out to avoid wasting time trying to find multiple places for each need.

How We Roll

We have the Apex and the Ripper SS in the shop right now, and we use them all the time. Not only are they practical, but they add a little extra fun to our work days. We currently use them to go to the hardware store or get lunch close by. The bikes are great for those short trips, but still feel safe as they go the speed limit of the small roads we ride on. We also plan to bring them with us to van expos and conventions to help us move around the sites faster. And as we said before, we bring them with us on our own camping adventures. They’re great for biking trails and campsites as we mentioned, but they also work great on the beach! Being in sunny Florida, it’s a super nice feature to be able to ride in the sand with ease.

Let’s Check Em’ Out

If you’re not completely sold yet, let’s take a look at the specifics that make these bikes better than the competitors!

Quietkat stats

Speed: These E-Bikes will typically go 25-30 MPH, but we’ve been known to get them above 30 with some effort. There is assisted pedaling which can get you up to these speeds as well as a throttl mode where the bike will get going without pedaling.

Weight: QuietKats range in weight and size. The largest and heaviest bikes weigh in at around 80 LBS where the lightest is 60LBS. But don’t worry they might be heavy but they’re easy to move around and maneuver for all shapes and sizes.

Battery: QuietKats run on lithium Ion batteries and will typically last 20-40 miles between charges. The battery life is determined by how fast and how far you go for a trip. It is also best for your battery life to allow for a full (or mostly full) battery drain before charging and then to take it off as soon as it reaches full power again.  The biggest factor of range is if you use pedal assist or throttle only.  Obviously you will get better range on pedal assist!

Suspension and Seat Post: Suspension and seat post options will be determined by what you plan on doing with your bike! If you want to ride around campgrounds, into towns, or on easy bike trails you probably won’t need to make any modifications. But if you want to go on rugged trails, up mountains, and into the woods, maybe consider a more upgraded suspension and even adding the suspension seat post to your ride.

Other Questions? Feel free to ask us!

Customize Your Ride

Pack your Bags: We offer a handful of QuietKat saddle bags and backpacks. The Pannier Bags offers storage on either or both sides of your bike. They are great for carrying tools and equipment you might need for hunting and fishing. Or you can store snacks and a water bottle in them while you’re out on the bike trails. QuietKat also produces backpacks that are lightweight and durable! The is Dry Pack specifically great for all terrain as it will keep everything inside dry while riding.

Cargo Ready: Check out the cargo trailer if you plan on hauling big items with your bike. This would be perfect for gathering  firewood at a campsite, hauling coolers or other supplies, and if you’re in the hunting scene, bringing back your animal of choice. Also available is the pannier rack which is great for strapping on supplies to the back of your bike.

On the Rugged Side: if you plan on taking your bike on some epic excursions you might want to consider investing in flex fenders. They will help keep mud and debris out of the riders eyes and keeps the stanchions and suspension forks clean and protected.

And Much More: Check out the QuietKat section of our store to explore more add ons that may benefit your e-bike experience! Take a look at some lights, seats, and tools that QuietKat has to offer.

Ready to take on nature with style?

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