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Ford Transit and Sprinter Vans with Bathrooms

Go on the go with a full or partial bathroom in your van. A van with a bathroom is a game changer for long-distance travelers, weekend thrill-seekers, and full-time road warriors. We fabricate and install full bathrooms in Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, and Dodge Promaster vans. Our bathroom van options range from full builds with sinks, lights, mirrors and more to compact builds with a simple toilet and no frills. All of our bathroom vans are designed to be easy to maintain. Most of our bathroom builds include cassette-style toilets that make cleanup a breeze without the need for a special dump station.

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Designing Your Conversion Van with a Bathroom

We’ll build a van for you that’s as custom as you like, designed around your specific needs. To help you design your ideal bathroom van, we typically start each design by discovering your primary use for your van. There are two primary bathroom van categories. Camper vans with bathrooms and general-use bathroom vans.

General-Use Vans with Bathrooms

FreedomVanGo has strong roots in providing mobile bathroom solutions for families, people with unique medical needs that require frequent restroom use, professionals who work on the road, and long-distance travelers who prefer the comfort of their own bathroom. Our conversion van bathrooms are designed with comfort, functionality, and ease of use in mind. On top of that, we can install fully-functioning restrooms at extremely reasonable prices. We started FreedomVanGo with a goal of creating a van that could be driven every day that allowed people with frequent bathroom use needs to travel in freedom.

General-Use Conversion Van Bathroom Design: What We Suggest

  • Cassette-Style Toilet
  • Aluminum-Framed Bathroom Area with Walls
  • Sink
  • Mirror
  • Vent Fan
  • 2.5 Gallon Water Storage
  • Custom LED Lighting
  • Rear Access Storage Area with Shelf
  • Power-Sliding Door
  • Removable Trash Canister with Built-In Compartment
  • Small Storage Cabinet
  • Luxury Vinyl Flooring
  • Marine-Grade Wiring
  • Always-On Rear View Camera
FreedomVanGo: Van with bathroom

Camper Vans with Bathrooms

Most camper vans do not include bathrooms due to limited space and the relative availability of traditional bathrooms while traveling. We suggest keeping your bathroom footprint small in a van designed primarily for camping. To help you accomplish this, we suggest keeping things simple.

FreedomVanGo: A van the kids can enjoy

Camper Van Bathroom Design: What We Suggest

  • Cassette-Style Toilet
  • Optional Curtain

Nothing Else Like It

We build vans with bathrooms because there aren’t many options on the market quite like what we do. We build vans with bathrooms that people can drive and park anywhere.

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